Reboot Your Body Clock To Feel Your Best: Infographic

Our ‘body clock’ or circadian rhythms, are designed to work in alignment with nature; we evolved to rise and energise with the sun and relax and sleep with the moon. Of course, in today’s modern world, we don’t necessarily live in alignment with nature any more, and this can seriously disrupt our circadian rhythms. If circadian rhythms are disrupted, so is our sleep, digestion, energy levels, ability for cells to regenerate, and essentially every other aspect of health, wellbeing, and just feeling OK on a day-to-day basis.

Whilst getting enough sunlight in the early hours of the morning and ensuring you’re not exposed to too much blue light at night can be a wonderful way to get your rhythms back on track (read my blog ‘The Light Diet’ to learn more about that), there are things we can do throughout the day to keep ticking along optimally. Feel free to share this infographic with someone who would benefit from rebooting their circadian rhythms too!

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