Hello Beautiful: LookFantastic Beauty Box May 2016



When the sun comes out, the world seems a lot more beautiful. Out come the plants, flowers and animals that have been hiding away over the colder months, and for some of us, out comes the body we’ve been hiding away too!

There are no concealers, cover-ups or correctors in this month’s box. It’s all about saying hello to the beautiful, natural YOU!

You’ll find an abundance of kind-to-skin goodies this May. Skincare is actually a lot more important than just looking good. Hydrating skin keeps it healthy and supple, and also keeps the body’s tissue underneath hydrated and working well. When the sun’s rays are stronger and we feel more warmth on the skin, this is fantastic and can give us some much needed nutrients in the form of natural vitamin D, but that doesn’t go without a little but of sun damage to hair and skin.

Luckily, all the products in this month’s box are super kind and nourishing for hair and skin, giving much needed moisture and care both day and night, and a brilliant Wet brush for untangling those windswept knots.

After a trip away teaching Yoga on a retreat in Spain (here!), I returned to notice that along with a tan, by skin had also picked up a little irritation and redness. It’s lucky then that the May LookFantastic Beauty Box contains extremely high quality moisturisers that work well with sensitive skin – if you’re planning a trip away or you’re hoping to get out in the sunshine this month, I’d recommend stocking up on a few of these necessary luxuries….. With more retreats coming up this year including a wonderful Yoga holiday in beautiful Ibiza (3 spaces left!), I’ll definitely be bringing some of these along.

The box comes with a luxurious copy of the June edition of Elle magazine for flicking through while you’re lounging in the sun, it’s work over £50, and you can get it all from just £11.25 a month or £15 for a one-off box!



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Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial

Beauty sleep like you’ve never experienced it before. Forget spending hours in the salon for flawless skin, now you can wake up to it! Glycolic and Lactic acids brighten skin tone, while cranberry seed oil reduces UV damage. Repairing tissue and cells lovingly overnight with Arctic blackcurrant seed oil, the wonder cream works in three phases to exfoliate, revitalise and hydrate. Wake up beautiful.


Youthful Moisture Cream

7 days to youthful skin. Infused with soya and cotton oil for a collagen boost for optimum toning and firming, hormonal imbalances are also tackled with these ingredients. Bring these on a trip to save yourself valuable packing space and no nasty cream spills!

All In One Hair Treatment

10 benefits in one little unique bottle. If your hair is feeling dry and damaged, the spray will help repair and protect the fibers, giving it more shine, moisture, hold and over-all health. The treatment contains both UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair from the sunshine too.


In this month’s box you’re treated to a full-size WET brush, worth £11.99! Personall I always brush my hair in the shower because it’s curly and prone to frizz, and this tends to be the best way to really comb through difficult knots and fully condition hair end-to-end. The bristles are flexible so won’t pull or damage hair, and it will help prevent split ends too.



If lines and wrinkles tend to show up when your skin has seen the sun, the Liftactiv moisturiser can target these areas and smooth them out. Infused with Rhamnose to encourage collagen production; your skin will be more radiant and hydrated with a bright and sunny complexion!


Intense Nutrition Cream

Pure luxury in a little yellow tube. Suitable for all skin types; cranberry plant oils, argan and avocado give this product a boost of wonderful nourishing hydration. Decleor have their own Nutri-Protect Complex to protect the skin’s natural barrier, so you’re fully armed and ready to get outside and make the most of the sunshine!


Cleanser Crème Demaquillante

After all that fun in the sun, your skin could do with some love via a cleanse. Eve Lom’s cleanser is exfoliating and includes clove oil for antiseptic benefits, eucalyptus to remove toxins, toning from hops, and softening from Egyptian camomile and cocoa butter. Not only will it clean away the dirt of the day, this cleanser can even remove waterproof makeup.

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