Emma is a full time yoga teacher and therapist, combining techniques from many different styles and practices to help people feel well in mind and body. 

Emma grew up surrounded by yoga, meditation and music, and has practiced forms of meditation and visualisation from a young age. After graduating with a BA Honours degree in music, Emma went on to officially train to teach Yoga with Esther Ekhart of Ekhart Yoga in Europe, and later studied in depth with Emil Wendel and Julie Martin of Brahmani Yoga in India.

As well as teaching Yoga both locally in Sussex and internationally on retreats and teacher trainings, Emma is also works as a massage therapist, aromatherapist, energy healer, EFT practitioner, pregnancy yoga teacher, and sound therapist. Along-side her regular blog, Emma is also a contributor to magazines such as Breathe and Soul & Spirit, and online platforms such as Chant Malas, The Holistic Journal, Yoga Matters, Ekhart Yoga and London’s The Wellcome Collection. Her classes combine fluid, natural movement with breathing techniques, Ayurveda, philosophy, an emphasis on self-enquiry and inclusivity and the ability to develop deep strength of both mind and body. For her weekly class schedule, click here. 

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Fully qualified and insured massage therapist


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