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Writing is a passion of mine, and a way to translate and communicate what I’ve learned about all aspects of Yoga. I have all sorts of books waiting to be released, based on Yoga, health, happiness & wellbeing.

Ancient Yoga Wisdom For Modern Yogis

Ancient Yoga Wisdom For Modern Yogis

Yoga philosophy is an invaluable aspect of the practice, and it helps us to bring what we learn in class off the mat and into every-day life. Off the mat is exactly where the real practice begins, and living Yoga rather than just ‘doing it’ is where the magic happens. This book takes a look at the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – which is one of the first books on yoga teacher training reading lists – and explains how we can apply these teachings to our modern-day lives. The lessons to be learned in this book apply to everyone; whether you’ve been practicing for years or are yet to brave your first Yoga class. A great gift for introducing someone to ‘the other side’ of yoga, and for teachers looking to be able to communicate these ancient scriptures to students.

Order from Amazon for £3.06

If you do not own a kindle, then click HERE to download a Kindle app for your computer, which will allow you to read the book from your computer screen!

More books on the way….

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