Ancient Yoga Wisdom For Modern Yogis

Ancient Yoga Wisdom For Modern Yogis

Yoga philosophy is an invaluable aspect of the practice, and it helps us to bring what we learn in class off the mat and into every-day life. Off the mat is exactly where the real practice begins, and living Yoga rather than just ‘doing it’ is where the magic happens. This book takes a look at the ancient Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – which is one of the first books on yoga teacher training reading lists – and explains how we can apply these teachings to our modern-day lives. The lessons to be learned in this book apply to everyone; whether you’ve been practicing for years or are yet to brave your first Yoga class. A great gift for introducing someone to ‘the other side’ of yoga, and for teachers looking to be able to communicate these ancient scriptures to students.

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Yoga Timeline

For Yoga Students & Practitioners

The history of yoga is rich and vibrant, much like the land it was born in. Steeped in mystery, ritual and spiritual exploration, this ancient tradition of mind-body unity is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, bringing together people from all walks of life to benefit from the physical, mental and energetic aspects of the practice. 

Knowing a little about the background and trajectory of yoga is helpful when it comes to realising how yoga ‘fits in’ alongside the rest of history, and how different historical events (man’s ability to create fire, or the Beatles’ journey to India) have shaped the way East and West view yoga today. 

This timeline picks out just a few key points from thousands of years of human development, revealing how interconnected yoga is with the rest of the world and humanity itself. Use this timeline as a way to start discovering how yoga began, and where it could go next. Ideal for yoga teacher trainings, workshop materials and personal study.

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Recipes For Living Well:

Sweet Snacks & Healthy Desserts #1

After lots and lots of requests, I’m happy to share with you my first recipe e-book! Full of healthy and delicious recipes that have been tried and tested over several years of yoga retreats, classes and 1-2-1 clients. In this book, you’ll find 25 recipes for sweet snacks and healthy desserts, including energy balls, raw chocolate, brownies, cakes, and much more! Look out for the ‘Lunch & Dinner’ e-book coming soon. Click here to buy your copy now.

Recipes For Living Well: Lunch & Dinner E-Book #1

Full of healthy, wholesome ingredients, this recipe e-book is a glimpse at the result of years of cooking for yoga retreats, making healthy snacks for clients, and creating recipes to enjoy at home. Inspired by the seasons and the ancient holistic wellbeing system of Ayurveda, these recipes are all designed to benefit mind and body and contain an abundance of nutrients. Many of the recipes you’ll find here are gluten free, plant based and dairy-free too, so they’re suitable for most dietary requirements and can easily be altered to feed bigger numbers of family and friends. Click HERE to buy for £5

Meaning Behind The Mudra Mini Book #1

Mudras are symbols or ‘gestures’ made with the hands or the whole body, practiced with the intention to change the practitioner’s energetic state. Used for thousands of years within yogic traditions and many other cultures, mudras represent a certain intention or specific elemental energy, and are often prescribed for healing and meditation. When combined with a mantra or meditation practice, mudras can help enhance the practice and aid in helping change the energetic state of the practitioner. When used alone throughout the day, they serve as a valuable tool to focus the mind influence thoughts, decisions and actions, ultimately aiding in cultivating a healthier, more harmonious mind and body.

This first mini book of mudras and meanings explores both ancient and modern concepts relating to these mystical symbols, offering a deeper insight into their original intention and the story behind them. You’ll also discover ways of practicing the mudras to bring more harmony and happiness into your life, and inspiration for deepening your own yoga journey.

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