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 All of our products are handmade with love, often using upcycled materials. Each product is unique and can be tailored to suit your needs. Perfect as a thoughtful gift too!

Yoga Mat Bag: Fiore. £15

 Yoga Mat Bag: Fiore: £15

Pink Crochet Bag

Crochet Pink Bag: £15

~ If you have a larger than usual mat and are unsure whether it will fit the size of our bags, please get in contact as we will happily take measurements and customise your very own design for you ~

Bottle holders

 Handmade water bottle holders: Small £5 // Medium £7 // Large £14

Lavender Eye Pillows. £10 with 2 free patterned, washable covers

Lavender Eye Pillows: £10 with two free, patterned & washable covers
Read: Happiness Toolkit: Why an Eye Pillow Is Your Stress Rx

Handy Purses: All made with upcycled material. Keep your keys, cards & coins safe while you practice

Blue Dots £5

Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls £7

white purse

white purse inside

Vintage White Purse With Patterned Inside £7

photo 1 (27) (1)

Rudraksha Bracelet £7

Rudraksha is the seed of the Eliocarpus ganitrus tree mostly now found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia and a few in the Himalayas. The seeds have a unique and special vibration and when worn continuously are said to be a protection from negative energies. After a time of wearing the bracelet it is believed that you will be safe in a cocoon of your own energy. This is particularly helpful when travelling and sleeping in new places. The bracelet is beneficial for general wellbeing and health and has a tradition of reducing stress and aiding concentration in meditation. Scientific research carried out at the Institute of Technology University in Banares, India in the 1960s confirmed that rudraksha do indeed possess beneficial electro-magnetic properties.

You can wear the bracelet at all times, even in the shower. In fact it is beneficial to allow the water to flow over the bracelet and onto your body – but only if you don’t use chemical shampoos or soaps – if you do, you will need to remove the bracelet whilst bathing to ensure it does not become affected by the chemicals and become brittle.

Necklace rusraksha are made up of 108 beads plus a guru bead to ensure the energy produced does not spin round and make the wearer dizzy. Similarly, the bracelet rudraksha is made up of 18 beads (6 x 18 = 108) plus a break in the beads made by three turquoise guru beads. This specific number means that the bracelet can be used as an aid to japa meditation. The meditator recites a mantra 108 times and counts the repetitions with each bead – using a bracelet this means counting six times. The correct method is to hold the beads between the thumb and middle finger starting from the rudraksha next to a guru bead and counting away from that bead (clockwise) until you reach the guru bead again – turn and count back until six repetitions are reached. One never counts over the guru bead as this would be disrespectful. Also, one never uses the index finger as this represents our ego which is the greatest obstacle to self-realisation.

Repeating a mantra using a mala is a great tool to help us move into the quiet and still place within us that is the seat of our soul – a place which is always there and we can visit again and again. Repeating sacred names or sounds over and over assists the concentration of our mind entering into Divine stillness.

Legend says that Lord Shiva went into a deep meditation for the wellbeing of the world, when he awoke he began to shed tears of compassion – these tears changed into seeds and the first Rudraksha tree ‘The Eye of Shiva’ grew. Shiva is also known by the name Rudra and in pictures is usually depicted wearing rudraksha as bracelets and necklaces.


Handmade Personal Care Bag & Muslin Wash Cloths


muslin-cloth-bagMake your skincare routine even healthier for your body and more earth-friendly by using coconut oil and muslin cloths to cleanse and moisturise the face. Each bag is handmade and comes with a starter pot of coconut oil and three reusable muslin cloths. To use, apply coconut oil to the face and eyelashes, run the muslin cloth under warm water, and wipe the face (can be used as a makeup remover or general face cleanser). When all makeup is removed or the face is clean, run the muslin cloth under cold water to rinse and squeeze dry. Splash the face with cold water and apply coconut oil to moisturise. Leave the muslin cloth is a warm, dry place until the next use. Each cloth can be used 3-4 times and then washed with your clothes before using again.


Payments can be made via online banking, pay pal, or in person when you come to a class!

Email: to arrange an order today

“Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast delivery of my lovely eye pillows 🙂  I really enjoy your yoga posts and I love how you take the time to explain about different postures and the impact they have on the body”. – Tamzin

“I’m so pleased that my Yoga mat bag is unique, the fact that your bags are hand made makes mine feel so special. It’s the perfect size and really practical, thank you. (You’ll be hearing from me near Christmas time!) – Julie


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