March 12th & 13th 2022 (or choose to come for just 1 day)

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth”.

– Henry David Thoreau

March is the month when nature starts to spring back into life; after the dark of Winter, this is the time to re-awaken, and re-set the body and mind. Often, we think of January as the ‘new year’, but Spring is nature’s true new year, and this is the perfect time to renew and revive yourself.

This weekend consists of 2 full day retreats, located in the beautiful venue of The Barn, in the grounds of Tilgate Park in Sussex. You’ll be guided through yoga classes suited to the season, meditations, breathing techniques, a luxurious sound bath, as well as being immersed in local woodland with a forest bathing session. We’ll explore the seasonal herbs and foods that are around at this time of year, their benefits, as well as the best foods to eat in Spring. A seasonal lunch is provided each day, to help you reconnect to the healing power of seasonal foods. 

Join me for a special weekend that offers you the chance to reconnect to nature, learn about seasonal Spring living, understand how to harness the power of sunlight and circadian rhythms, and enjoy a combination of energising yoga and deep relaxation.


  • Date: March 12th & 13th 2022
  • Times: 10am-4:30pm each day
  • Price: £180 or £97 for one day
  • Location: The Barn, Tilgate Park, Crawley, West Sussex

Price includes:

  • 2 day retreats 10am-4:30pm each day
  • 2 yoga classes each day
  • Meditation each day
  • Lunch on both days
  • Tea and snacks
  • Sound bath session with Echo Yoga
  • Goodie bag
  • Forest bathing experience
  • Spring recipes 
  • Handouts full of information on living well in Spring
  • 50% off voucher when you book a Whole-Health consultation or Holistic Massage with Emma.

(Limited places, email to book)

Women’s Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

October 7th-9th 2022

Lewes, UK

Ayurveda is the ’science of life’ or the ’art of living well’, which guides us to live in accordance with our own mind-body type, and the season. Join me for a unique weekend of nourishment, learning, and an opportunity to experience the wonderful wisdom of Ayurveda. A whole weekend in the beautiful Sussex countryside in a luxurious eco-home, surrounded by nature. The weekend includes both energising and relaxing yoga classes, delicious seasonal meals, workshops on Ayurveda and women’s wellbeing, as well as therapies and self-care sessions. The weekend is suitable for all – whether you already understand the principles of Ayurveda, or you’ve never heard of it before.

We’ll spend time immersed in nature, discovering the healing benefits of the plants and herbs around us, eat seasonal meals inspired by Ayurveda, relax in beautiful surroundings, gather around the fire pit with warm spiced drinks, practice designing herb and spice blends specific to your mind-body type, and enjoy movement and breathing techniques to revive and restore your body and mind. You will be guided to live in accordance with nature’s circadian rhythms, and the Ayurvedic wisdom of how the different times of day support different activities, from body-brushing and self-massage, to deep relaxation and meditation.

The venue: A modern eco-home and underfloor-heated yoga studio surrounded by nine acres of wild flower meadows and bluebell woods in a rewilded wonderland offering guests space to relax and time to reconnect with nature. The luxurious eco-house is almost passive with the solar gain and ground-source heating providing a space for visitors to relax, enjoy and appreciate the countryside with little or no impact on neighbours or environment. 

You’ll feel renewed, refreshed and restored after a weekend of luxury, nature & nurture.

Limited spaces

All-inclusive price includes:

  • All yoga classes
  • All meals, snacks, tea and coffee
  • Wellbeing workshops
  • Sound bath 
  • Goodie bag 
  • Bespoke self-care kit tailored to your mind-body type and unique needs
  • Extra gift when booking
  • A mini whole-health consultation 3 weeks before the retreat

Arrival: 1pm Friday 7th October
Departure: 1:30pm Sunday 9th October

Retreat Highlights

  • Discover how the wisdom of Ayurveda can help you to greatly enhance your health and wellbeing
  • Immerse yourself in the natural meadow and woodland surrounding the house
  • Enjoy energising and restorative yoga classes
  • Learn how to make your own herb and spice blends to balance your body and mind
  • Relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings
  • Live in alignment with nature’s rhythms to support your energy levels and sleep
  • Gather around the fire under the stars with warm cacao and turmeric lattes 
  • Experience a deeply relaxing sound bath session with guest teacher
  • Eat delicious, seasonal food 
  • Receive a self-care kit with guidance on how to use each morning
  • Wake up to warm lemon water placed outside your room for you
    and much more!

Prices start at £365 per person

£50 non-refundable deposit required upon booking

Payment plan options: 

  • Monthly payments of £50
  • Remaining instalment of 50% payable in January 2022, second remaining 50% instalment payable in May 2022. 

Full details coming soon. Please email to register your interest and be the first to receive details.

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