LOOKFANTASIC BOXChristmas presents for your Sister, mother, cousin or friend who wants to LOOKFANTASTIC. 

As we count down the days until Christmas, it’s time to remember that this is indeed the season of giving.

However you decide to give this year is totally up to you of course; you could give your time, energy, possessions, money, love, and of course, there’s the classic Christmas gift of socks…. Depending on who you’re thinking of giving to, different things will come to mind. I know for a fact that there are a few people in my life – specifically my sister – who would appreciate every product in this special box from, so if you know someone who would appreciate these gifts, this may be a good time to make the most of this limited edition one-off Black Friday offer. For the person who knows that feeling good starts from the inside, but still wants to look good on the outside…. (Of course, you may just want to treat yourself instead and save yourself some money with the discounts offered in the Black Friday sale!)

All of the products featured in the LookFantastic Little Black Friday Box are high quality and would usually be reserved for extra special gifts. Importantly, they’re all MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS, NON-TOXIC AND HAVE BEEN MADE WITHOUT ANY ANIMAL CRUELTY INVOLVED!  As is the case with Black Friday sales, all of these luxury goods are discounted, so you can afford to get something special for someone special, to let them know they’re special and FANTASTIC this Christmas*.

I was lucky enough to receive a box of exclusive goodies to try, and all the items below are a great examples of the types of products LOOKFANTASTIC has on offer. Each item is accompanied by its very own deal, so click below to get yours while they’re still available!


Eve Lom: Cleanserevelom 1

Cleansing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining healthy skin. Not only does it remove anything your face has been wearing all day, but it also removes build up of environmental toxins and fumes that surround us every day and helps to regenerate skin cells. Described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world, this cleanser uses a blend of four aromatic plant oils, and has been blended to suit all skin types. Most importantly, this Eve Lom Cleanser is balanced for all environmental issues! (Basically, it’s good for you and the world around you).

Eve Lom: Morning Time Cleanser

evelom2For those who prefer to cleanse in the morning and start the day fresh, this morning balm contains papaya fruit enzymes and carrot oil, encouraging radiant and refreshed skin. It’s extremely softening, and for those who are looking for a gift for mum, it stimulates the production of collagen, giving skin a ‘youthful’ look!

CLICK HERE FOR THE EXCLUSIVE EVE LOM OFFERS. (You’ll also find an offer of: Limited Edition 450ml Cleanser with £110.00 off: worth £250.00 – buy now for £140.00)

Glam Glow: Youth Mud

One for the sister; Glam Glow actually provides cosmetics for the music, entertainment, fashion and awards industries, and how offers their bespoke Hollywood products to ‘the little people’ too….

With extremely high-quality ingredients including volcanic minerals,
French sea clay, real green tea leaf, green tea seed oil, grape seed, chamomile flower, marigold flower, cucumber, ivy, herb leaf and lavender oil just to name a few of the natural and beneficial ingredients, it’s also glam and concealersuitable for all skin types. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also ‘Natural. Cruelty
free. Suitable for vegans’,

Amazing Cosmetics: Amazing Concealer

Sarah Vine from The Daily Mail has described this concealer as ‘real live Photoshop for the face’. Available in many different shades, this is another very special product and is very lightweight,. Amongst other skin issues, it’s effective for covering dark circles (handy in the festive season!)
You’ll only need to use a ‘pin dot’ amount each time, so this concealer will last for a while compared to most others. CLICK HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS.

Tangle Teezer: Professional Detangling HairbrushDE-TANGLE BRUSH

I actually swear by these types of brushes; with very curly hair, it only takes about 10 minutes of walking along windy Brighton beach to leave about 10,000 knots in my hair….

These compact brushes are the most effective I’ve ever found for de-tangling knots without ripping your entire head of hair off and causing unnecessary pain. The ‘improved ergonomics’ means it’s easy to handle, and also easy to fit in Christmas stockings. *I personally use this brush to comb through wet hair in the shower – so if you know someone with knotty, curly hair, this is definitely a gift they’ll use and appreciate! CLICK HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS.

Real Techniques: Miracle Complexion Spongesponge

Applying products with your hands is about as old-fashioned as…… because now there’s even an accessory for that too…. Joking aside, it’s often stated that applying products to the face with your hands or fingers is an effective way of spreading germs and creating skin issues, so if you want to maintain healthy skin and apply high-quality products the way they were meant to be applied, this is the way to go. There’s a reason it’s called ‘miracle complexion’; it’s particularly effective at giving that ‘flawless’ skin effect everyone is after, with three different surfaces for three ways of applying for enhanced versatility. CLICK HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS.

La Roche-Posay: Innovation Effaclar K (+)roche-posay

For anyone with blackheads, irregular skin texture and ‘shine’ who doesn’t want to have blackheads, irregular skin texture and shine….

Pollution, toxins, fumes, dust particles can all trigger skin issues to worsen, which is what makes this final product so effective. Not only does it provide daily care by combining LHA with vitamin E and CARLOSINE + AIRLICIUM. It’s effective at reducing those uneven skin textures and blackheads, and minimises pores for about eight hours. Another high-quality gift, it’s is refreshing for skin from the first application and quickly absorbed, leaving skin purified for long-lasting benefits. CLICK HERE FOR EXCLUSIVE OFFERS.

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Valid: 27/11-30/11

Want a specific Christmas gift? Get special gift boxes worth £180 for an exclusive discounted price HERE. 

*Disclaimer: You’re already perfect, fantastic and very special: these gifts are for enhancing looks not improving lives!

*All offers will be live 00.01am 27th of November throughout Cyber Weekend & expire 11.59pm Cyber Monday

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