Avocado Not-On-Toast


Avocado not-on -toast
Avocado is brilliant mashed, smashed and spread on basically anything, but if you’re not a fan if bread and your body is screaming for something less stodgy and heavy in the few days between Christmas and New year’s eve (because if you haven’t already got the message from thousands of TV adverts selling Wii Fit games and weightloss packages; we all apparently over-did it this Christmas and should feel very guilty for feasting on all that delicious food and drinking one-too-many glasses of wine…… not), what’s the alternative to the now popular super-healthy ‘avo on toast’?

Put it on a vegetable.

That’s right. Less bread, more nutrients. Hurrah!kitchen herbs

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 2 slices of squash sliced about 1cm thick
  • 1 avocado
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Tsp chilli flakes
  • Pinch of good quality salt
  • Black pepper
  • Optional fresh herbs: I like keeping fresh herbs around to use in meals , and because they make the kitchen a nice green space. Basil or coriander would work well with this, but I had dill and parsley to hand at the time and so scattered some on.

How To

  • Either bake your squash slices in the oven until tender, or cheat and place in the microwave for 6-7 minutes…. Your choice
  • While the squash is cooking, mash the avocado in a bowl with the lime juice, chilli flakes and salt
  • Once the squash is hot, slightly soft and therefore ready, spread each slice with avocado
  • Crack over some black pepper to taste, and sprinkle with whatever favourite herbs you have around
  • Eat and enjoy!

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