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It’s not often that you get to work with an author who’s book you’ve read, loved, and owned for years. But as it happens, Lucy and I got chatting at this year’s Brighton Yoga Festival, which I and a dedicated team of trustees and volunteers organised, and I’m so happy to have started collaborating with Lucy and her online wellbeing world of YogaClicks.

YogaClicks is home to over 40 of yoga’s most talented designers, read the interview below with founder Lucy Edge, author of the travellers’ classic ‘Yoga School Dropout’ and ‘Down Dog Billionaire’ – a richly imagined portrait of modern day yoga and the struggle to satisfy both head and heart.

Having already been involved in working with Helen Forester of Chant Malas UK for a long time, and collaborating with the OHMME yoga clothing boys, it’s so exciting to join a family they’re part of too. Expect to see lots of blogs from me appearing on the YogaClicks site, as well as news about upcoming workshops and events.

Even better, you can all benefit from this too, by using the code a special code, which means You’ll get 10% off orders from the YogaClicks shop, where everything is made by yogis, for yogis. I’ll be releasing the code on Thursday, but make sure you follow THIS link to the shop for your 10% when it is released, and for all future orders. You can also follow the ‘shop’ tab on the website menu.

Check out my latest Summer-inspired blog on YogaClicks: 10 Ways To Balance The Pitta Dosha, with a wonderful cooling recipe!

An Interview With Lucy Edge

How did your yoga journey begin?

I was a burnt out corporate executive working in advertising. Nothing in my life was working except yoga, so I decided to straighten myself out with six months in the ashrams and yoga schools of India.

How did your experiences in India change your approach to life? 

I fell in love with India and the so-called ordinary Indians – people who manage to find happiness in the every day moment. From them I learnt the skills that were to change my life forever:

  • Switching off the endless torrent of ‘I’m not good enough’ negative thinking
  • Waking up to my creativity and finding the space to think my ideas through
  • Finding the courage and resilience to make them happen

How did you know what to do next?

Out of this stillness came the knowledge that my happiness lay in writing. I came home with a suitcase full of diaries and a year later Random House published my first book, Yoga School Dropout.

What was the response to your book?

Suddenly I was getting emails from all over the world. Readers told me that yoga was empowering them to leave their old lives behind to become designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs …

Why did you create an online shop?

I launched YogaClicks.Store because I wanted to make a home for yoga’s most inspiring and creative talent – a one-stop shop to enable yogis to buy from other yogis. These are people who know what we’re looking for – both on and off the mat.

Most of our makers are yoga teachers or serious yoga students whose practice has inspired them to create the perfect pair of yoga leggings, or malas that are both decorative and devotional. They work from their kitchen table by day and teach yoga by night, and many of them also have kids. They are super-heroes – 100% committed, creative and courageous!


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