Do it! Tripod Headstand


Known as Tripod headstand to most people, crane pose to others, and ‘clown pose’ in the Sachidananda tradition.  This inversion is not just a modification for headstand – it is a great pose in and of itself.

Tripod / Clown pose has all the benefits of headstand, without raising the legs up – which can make most people feel unbalanced and fearful. This pose allows the body to be in a full inversion, boosting blood circulation and oxygen to the brain, assisting lymph drainage, and resulting in similar energetic after-effects. Unlike headstand or handstand, you’ll stay grounded and more likely a little calmer.

How to:

  • From a kneeling position, come on to your hands and knees.
  • Start by bringing the crown of the head to the floor – use some padding or a blanket underneath your head if you feel you need it.  Take your hands to the floor either side of the head and slightly back, so that the three points form a…… tripod!
  • Tuck the toes under and walk the feet in so that your bottom half is holding down dog, but the upper half is in the tripod position.
  • Bring the legs in further and rest the knees on the backs of the arms. Still making sure the head and hands are in position.
  • Bring the feet away from the floor and toes together if that is available to you.
  • Stay here for as long as is comfortable and then come out by taking the feet slowly to the floor, walking them back and resting in Child’s pose for a moment.

Have fun! and remember, if you don’t get it right away, who cares? We never know until we try..

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