Natural, Homemade Lavender Facial Exfoliator

With the intention of cutting down on both chemicals and costs, many of us are now experimenting with making our own, natural products to use around the home.

First up from me is a natural face exfoliator. Since we’re well in to Spring now, it’s still a good time to be shedding our Winter coats and working towards feeling fresh and new. A daily exfoliator is a great way to feel supremely clean and brand new every day.

Making your own self care products not only saves a ton of money – it also saves you from putting damaging chemicals on to your skin and therefore in to your body as the product is absorbed. You can usually find all you need to take care of yourself already in your kitchen; half of what we throw away is perfectly useful!

If you don’t already have these ingredients, then you can always stock up on them and use them for other recipes and products which I’ll be sharing soon….

(Coconut oil can be bought from most health shops shops like Holland and Barrett, Taj the Grocer, Infinity foods or online)

Lavender Facial Exfoliator Recipe


This recipe will fill around half a jam jar, which is all you need to keep you going for a couple of weeks until you make a fresh batch.


  • 3-4 BIG tablespoons of solid coconut oil (leave it in a warm place just before using so it softens a little)
  • 4-5 tsp white or brown sugar (since this stuff isn’t any good to eat, it’s time to put it to use as a product to use o the outside of the body!)
  • ½ A lemon, juiced
  • 1-2 big tablespoons of freshly dried lavender

Coconut oil: As well as having about 101 different uses and health benefits (which I’ll write about soon, but if you really need to know now, then go here), coconut oil is brilliant as a natural face and body moisturiser – so you can use it to moisturise the face straight after exfoliating and washing!

Sugar: Consuming refined sugar is bad news for the body, but it has its uses in this exfoliator, as the rough crystals of sugar help to massage away dead skin cells, leaving smooth, soft skin.

Lemon: The antibacterial properties of lemon can help to clear acne and even lighten dark skin spots and scars.

Lavender: We’ve all heard of lavender’s calming effects on the mind, but it also works wonders on the skin. Lavender includes antiseptic elements, during the first world war, it was even used to help disinfect wounds!

Once you have all of your ingredients, simply mix it all together in you jam jar and it’s ready to use straight away! *If you have sensitive skin, use this exfoliator every 3-4 days.

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