A New Published Article for Ekhart Yoga: Tapas

ImageThis month, Ekhart Yoga have a special series of online classes all about some of my favourite asanas to practice – arm balances!

Physically, these postures both require and build upper body and core strength, plus a lot of inner heat! But the biggest benefits along the path to arm balances occur on a much deeper level…. Relying on nothing but your own strength to hold your body weight can be incredibly empowering. These poses help to build a sense of trust within ourselves, which when taken off the mat can be transformational within our lives.

As well as strength and trust, arm balances also help to cultivate a sense of ‘Tapas’, one of the Niyamas of Patanjali’s ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga’, which represents ‘inner fire’, ‘discipline’ and ‘burning passion’. To find out more about what Tapas means, and how to apply it to life on and off the mat, CLICK HERE to read a brand new article I’m so pleased to have been asked to write for Ekhart Yoga!



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