The Gift Of Gratitude


What’s on your gratitude list?

Rather than thinking about what we wanted for Christmas, or what we wish for the New Year, we actually create far more positivity for ourselves and others by realising what we’re already grateful for. Gratitude lists are a big part of our practice on training here in India, and having this as a part of my morning makes for a day filled with more appreciation for the people and things around me.

So what are you grateful for?

It could be anything; from your morning cup of tea, to your partner, your children, the feeling you get when you see an old friend, the kindness of the people in your community or a smile from the postman, your job, your health, your current life situation…. Giving some time to be grateful helps us realise how much we already have, and once we realise how abundant life already is, we also realise we don’t need to meet those superficial New Year resolutions to make us happy!

I’m grateful for everything that has lead me to this point (the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things….), for having amazing people in my life, and for being in a position where all of my energy can go into what I love to do. Bring the practice of gratitude into your life each morning and see how much difference it makes to the day….

+ A little bit of science: When we express gratitude, we release endorphins into our body, which raises our mood and boosts the immune system…. useful if you’ve got the Winter flu!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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