Now Available: On-The-Go Digestion Blend

Cardamom is considered one of the world’s oldest culinary spices, with the Egyptians even chewing the pods for digestion, and using the spice within their rituals. In India, cardamom is a popular Ayurvedic spice, utilised to help ease digestive difficulties, for cleansing, and as a way to freshen breath – even high-class women (who had access to the once expensive foreign spices) in the UK hundreds of years ago were known to carry digestionblend1the precious pods with them, chewing them after a rich meal to enhance digestion and prevent bad breath.

You could think of this digestive blend a little like an enhanced, super-charged, multi-beneficial modern version of that. 

Carrying this little pot in your handbag or backpack is one of the most simple and sure-fire ways to keep your whole being healthy. Digestion is linked to almost every ailment we might come across, and taking care of what happens to food as it’s passing through the body helps to ensure it’s used in the best way possible. If we can digest our meals properly, those meals can fuel us properly; vitamins, proteins and minerals travel to where they’re most needed, enabling the body and mind to keep humming along perfectly.

After a heavy night, a busy and boozy weekend, or a few days of not looking after yourself as well as you could, digestion can suffer. Modern life means we may not always spices-214036_originbe able to spend hours in the kitchen concocting potions and blends to naturally heal ourselves, so having a little jar of wellness with you 24/7 means you have the answer to wellbeing woes whenever you need. Containing cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, caraway, coconut sugar, black pepper and allspice, this digestive blend works to clear ama (an Ayurvedic reference to a build up of toxins in the body), help clear any feeling of heaviness and ‘fullness’, and help whatever you’ve consumed recently to move along and do it’s job. PLUS it can prevent and even remedy bloating (yay). Simply add between ½  to 1 tsp to your food or drink (such as soup, yoghurt, a smoothie, or a glass of water) and feel the (100% natural) magic happen!

Best for: keeping in your handbag / rucksack, travel, on-the-go, flu season, hangovers + after dinner

Ayurvedic Properties: -V +P -K

Price: £4

Zero Waste Special Offer: Return the jar for a £3.50 refill!

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